How to reset your password

How to reset your password


From time to time we forget our passwords, if you are like me and have random passwords like Hg47!shgk69#HgTRRssh they are hard to remember.

Please follow the below steps on how to reset your password here at Market Dojo:

1) On the login page, please click on the button 'Reset Password',

2) This will bring you to a new screen where you can add your email address, once added click send,

You will then receive an email, this may take a few minutes for you to receive. 

3) Below is the email you will receive, click on the link (highlighted) which will take you to reset your password:

**PLEASE NOTE** This is a one time only link. Also, if you have requested another password reset email this link becomes invalid

4) Add your new password (which meets the password criteria) and click Reset your password':

5) Your password has been reset and you will also be sent an email to confirm this change: