New Release - April 2021

New Release - April 2021

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The winter appears to have finally come to an end at the Market Dojo home offices and we’re glad to be moving toward the summer.
We’ve spent this month working on a series of long-term projects, but have continued in our commitment to releasing customer requested features every two weeks.
If there is something you would like to see let us know by contacting your account manager, or posting to the Market Dojo Community.

Add Current Price Post-RFQ

We know that our users want the savings within the tool to be configurable for many different scenarios, and we have recently implemented a change that makes this possible. When an RFQ has been completed within Market Dojo, users will now see an edit icon next to the current value per lot, for both simple and advanced lots.

On click the value can be amended and savings will be updated to reflect the new values. This means that whether you want your savings to be based on existing cost, first bid or something else, it is quick and easy to input this at any time.

Allow Proxy Submissions Post-Deadline
Another way we have added flexibility into our esourcing tool is by allowing hosts to submit bids and questionnaire responses after the deadline has passed, as we know that sometimes responses come in after the official deadline for an event. It isn’t always appropriate to re-open the event just for this single supplier’s submission.
So now, even after the deadline for a questionnaire or RFQ host users will continue to see the proxy button on both tabs against a participant who is yet to submit.

SRM Activities from Supplier or Contact
We are aiming to make our Supplier Relationship Management module as intuitive as possible and one of the ways in which we’re doing this is by allowing the addition of activities from more places in the system.
From both the supplier and individual contact views, when on the activities tab a new option will be shown above the grid for ‘New Activity’ which on click will open the activity creation window. The supplier contacts you can then add are limited to those associated with the supplier being viewed at the time to limit any mistakes.

Other Changes

  • The MD event ID will show by default for all users now to make management easier

  • The awarding lots feature within a sourcing event has a new cleaner interface

  • When archiving a questionnaire within SIM Dojo, more instruction is given to the user on what exactly this entails

  • The SRM activity type ‘Objective’ has been locked and translated based on region

  • Activities within the SRM will have better and editable colouring within the list view