New Release - August 2020

New Release - August 2020

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As the summer draws to an end, we are looking back at what has been a challenging financial year for everyone; both at Market Dojo and for our users. We have all had to adapt to a new way of working and keeping in touch with one another. Hopefully in this time we’ve been able to make things simpler for procurement teams using our systems, providing a way to work remotely with ease. 

We’re proud to have been consistently delivering enhancements directly requested by our user base and we will continue to do so as we go into the 2021 financial year.

Allow Bids Against RFQ Direction

When creating a new bidding round users will have the option to allow bids to go in the opposite direction to the RFQ. For a reverse auction, a checkbox will be shown to ‘allow bids to increase’, if selected, participants will be able to bid higher than they did in the previous round of bidding.

Specificity in SIM Document Status

In order to highlight the differences between participants responding to SIM questionnaires, we have split out the Document Statuses to provide more granular information.

In instances where a participant has been sent a questionnaire containing document questions, but they are yet to respond, the Document Status shown against them will be ‘Not Submitted’.

For cases where no documents are requested of a participant, their Document Status will now show as ‘N/A’.

Displaying Contract Dojo Custom Fields

To ensure that the Contract Dojo list page only contains the most pertinent information, we have added the ability for users to select the custom fields that should be displayed.
From the Contract Settings page, the custom fields grid now contains an extra column for ‘Show in Summary’

Editing Contract Dojo Notes

We have added the ability to update notes within Contract Dojo. Against each entry, a new icon will show on the right for editing, which on click will open the text window and allow amendments. 
Once a note has been edited, this will be highlighted within the grid display with an ‘(edited)’ label above the note. An entry will also be made within the Contract history to show the changes that have taken place.

Other Changes

  • SIM Contact Lists limited to a single lead participant
  • Improvements to the Simple Lot download
  • Invitations to SIM to show from the user designated within the SIM Settings
  • We have improved our notes creator to include document linking