New Release - August 2021

New Release - August 2021

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As the short British Summer comes to an abrupt end, we have been making changes that will hopefully bring some sunshine to our users as the weather changes.
September marks the start of the new financial year for us at Market Dojo and we’re excited to show you the things we have planned for the next 12 months; watch this space for more information..

Retaining SIM Decisions

With requirements ever changing in your supply chain, it’s likely you will need to go out to your onboarded suppliers in SIM Dojo for more information. With this comes the risk of losing the decisions that have been made so far on that supplier.

Following this most recent release, users can now choose whether or not they want to keep the final decision in place whilst users go through the process of completing the new questionnaire. By de-selecting the box, the supplier’s Decision status will be preserved until they go through submission, scoring and approvals, until a new final decision is completed.

Quick Quotes Answer Download

Auditing is becoming more crucial to everyday business; with easy access to information a key factor to product selection. We already pride ourselves on having full auditing across our suite, but downloadable files are essential for sharing this with others.

In Quick Quotes, we have improved our event download by adding a tab for the question responses that have been submitted by participants. This goes hand-in-hand with the existing tabs focussing on pricing, and now provides a full event summary in a single document.

Contract Dojo Document Type Flexibility

Not all companies use the same terminology, or the same procedures; that’s why we are seeking to add as much flexibility into our tools as possible.

The latest implementation of this is within Contract Dojo, as we move our document type field from a fixed to a user-defined list. By default you’ll still see those we suggest you use, but you can add options to satisfy your requirements.

Customisable SSO Links

We have added a host of different single sign-on options to our tools, giving more flexibility than ever for user configuration. But we are aware that in many cases, users will not know which link is the right one for them.

With that in mind, for each sign in link available within the Integrations admin screen, users are able to configure the text that will be displayed on the white-lablled login page for that sign in option.

Other Changes
  • The default when adding new questionnaires in Market Dojo is now that they will be unscored, to prevent confusion
  • Selected questionnaire names will be preserved when using a template
  • Users can update the details of documents in the library, rather than having to reupload
  • The UI of the sourcing creation page has been reviewed; with the Brief box shrunk and the RFQ direction field hidden for ease of use
  • In Host Permissions, you can now view the email addresses of users to better track who is who
  • Users of Internet Explorer have been notified that the browser is no longer supported, in line with it moving to be a legacy product
  • We have updated the sign up and login process to make it easier for new and returning users to access our systems