New Release - February 2021

New Release - February 2021

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It’s almost the end of winter, and we are Market Dojo are optimistic for the rest of 2021.
If you haven’t seen, this week we released our newest module SRM Dojo, for managing your supplier relationships and we’re very excited for you all to see it.
For more info and to get set up with your three free users see our product pages here.
Alongside this, we have continued to produce enhancements that you have asked for, and here are some of the new features you can now see in our tools.

Mandatory MD Event Categorisation

To ensure that all of your sourcing events have been suitably assigned, it is now possible for admins to set mandatory categories for Market Dojo.

This means that events won’t be missed when reporting or filtering events for you and your team.

Where a category is set as mandatory, the user creating the event will not be able to save the Settings tab without assigning a tag under that category.

SIM Dojo Escalated Approval Lists

To ensure that the right people are being contacted in all instances during the onboarding process, it is now possible to set the list of users that can be selected when escalating an approval within SIM Dojo.

For each approval, admins will now see an option to ‘Set Escalation List’ within which they can specify the team members that can be chosen as the point of escalation. This can include members of the team doing the initial approval, and is not dependent on the users’ permissions.

Highlighting SIM Approval Responsibility
Having added a number of features to the SIM approval steps in recent times, providing total flexibility around the process, it is more important than ever to highlight where actions lie.
In our most recent release, against every approval for an individual participant, we have started showing exactly who is responsible for signing it off.

Other Changes

  • A confirmation pop-up when making an MD event live, giving a chance to double check things before participants have access

  • UI fixes to Contract Dojo making it easier to to filter and search at all times

  • A warning to users when deleting a document expiry question in SIM Dojo

  • User actions for resubmitted questionnaires are highlighted more

  • As Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer later this year, we have started to warn our users that it is not a recommended browser