New Release - January 2022

New Release - January 2022

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It’s hardly believable that 2021 is behind us, and yet here we are at the start of a new year for Market Dojo. It is shaping up to be a very exciting one, as we join forces with Esker to improve our products and services across the board! 
As ever, we are listening to you, the users, about which procurement problems to tackle next. So, here are some of the many things we have introduced to do just that over the last two months.

Collaborator Involvement within Market Dojo

It can be tough to always know ahead of time who needs eyes on what; procurement practises need to be flexible and reactionary, and we are building this into our tools. Within Market Dojo you will now find our new ‘Collaborators’ tab allowing you to dynamically change who has visibility of your events.

Within the Sourcing Settings admin page, users can determine if they would like the collaborators tab to be shown, and the extent of the functionality. When set to true, the ‘Approved Hosts’ setting will permit Market Dojo users to invite other pre-approved hosts to collaborate on the event. Below that, the ‘New Users’ setting will make it possible for brand new host users to be invited from an event.

When in a Market Dojo event, the new tab will be displayed, and on it you will see a multitude of options.

The list of users with access to the event will be shown, and new users can be added from below the grid. Access can be amended to be view or edit, whilst preventing the removal of rights that have been provided through host permissions.

The ‘Cc into Emails’ option will ensure that all communication regarding the event will also be sent to the nominated individual, in addition to the initial invitation email received when added to the event.

Revert Questionnaire Decisions within Market Dojo
Mistakes happen, and we are ensuring that Market Dojo has the capability to not make them last. Most recently we have reviewed how we can make decisions on questionnaire submissions.
Where the decision has been made to reject a participant’s answers, users will see an option in the drop-down to undo that decision. In doing so, the participant will be able to access the event again.

Downloading Qualification Bids within Market Dojo
It can be tough to get the wider team engaged with procurement activities, and whilst having a centralised point for all data is the ideal, sometimes you need to make sure a key person is involved. We have looked to add downloads from all over our systems in recent times and this month we added another.
From the Qualification Bids tab for an auction event, users will see a ‘download now’ button at the bottom up until the auction is run. On click an excel file will be produced showing a summary of the participant involved and the bids they have placed thus far.

Other Changes
  • Participant users can change their profile email and company without contacting us.
  • When adding a new element to a sourcing event, the workflow has been improved.
  • Users of Market Dojo will be warned if they are about to delete a questionnaire.
  • The superhost can determine if all users can delete Quick Quote events.
  • Supplier Reference ID & Company Name added to SIM Dojo API.
  • The Reference ID can also be shown on the participant summary.
  • Within SIM Settings users can choose to notify participants of expired documents before they reach onboarding complete.
  • Tooltips have been added throughout Contract Dojo.
  • The number of records shown per page on the Contact Dojo list view is configurable.