New Release - June 2021

New Release - June 2021

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It has been another busy month for the Market Dojo team. Here are some of the highlights.

Continuing improvements to our advanced event interface

After a period of beta testing, we have now rolled out our advanced lot user interface for auction events to everyone. The new UI is faster and more responsive which will allow our users to run even more advanced events. Advanced lots allow many  data points for each lot. A few ways that our customers are applying this are in tenders for:

  • Global freight routes
  • Medical products
  • Telecommunications contracts for multinational companies
  • Electronic components
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We are really excited to see how our customers use advanced lots in the future.

A zoomed out view of an advanced lot, giving an idea of the level of detail that can be included.


Better administration of sourcing events

The customer love team have focussed their attention on features to make management of sourcing events more efficient.

  • Sealed Events. Our customers use sealed events to help guarantee they are following a fair and transparent electronic sourcing process. This is particularly important in the public sector (where legislation may require it) and anywhere that there is a risk of corruption. Hosts can now allow Participants to amend their answers prior to the submission deadline. This is useful when Participants realise they have made a mistake in their response, or when a clarification from the Host means that they want to make a change.

  • Proxy rejects lot. As well as placing a proxy bid for a participant, Hosts can also reject a lot on their behalf. Rejecting the lot makes it more obvious how many participants are going to bid. It’s helpful in cases where the participant is not able to do it themselves.
  • The default setting for maximum bid change has been amended from 10% to 50%. We set sensible defaults for all the attributes of a new event. Feedback from customers has told us that the previous default (10%) was great for stopping mistakes, but was proving too restrictive in a small number of cases.
  • Hosts can see the ‘Went Live’ date as well as the ‘Created’ date on the event list page. Often there can be a significant gap between when an event is created and when participants are invited. Seeing both dates helps the Host keep track of the event more effectively.
  • Scorers can see all the documents they need to review by visiting the documents tab, rather than having to go through the questionnaire where the document was used. This gives more flexibility for scorers to work through submissions in the way they prefer.

Clearer status name in SIM

In SIM, when onboarded suppliers need to provide new documents (for example because their insurance has been renewed), we have changed the status which is displayed from ‘Document Renewed’ to ‘Reapproval Needed’ to make it clearer that the Host needs to check this Participant again.

Other changes

  • In Contract Dojo, we have made the notes area bigger.
  • Administrators can now remove participant owners from the company without first re-assigning all the participants they own.
  • Administrators can now easily distinguish between users with sourcing licences and those who have quick quotes licences. This will help our customers with larger numbers of users to ensure each user has the correct licence.

  • As usual, we have made many smaller tweaks and changes to help improve the way our products work for customers.