New Release - March 2021

New Release - March 2021

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2021 is flying by and we at Market Dojo are delighted to have released our first major project of the year with SRM Dojo last month. If you missed our webinar showing off the functionality, you can find it here.
But this hasn’t stopped us from dedicating time to improving the existing products, and in March we have made changes across all of our modules based on feedback from you. If there is a feature you would like to see as a part of our Customer Love project in the future, please let us know.

SIM Dojo Documents Tab Now Hideable 

As our SIM Dojo users continue to move all of their onboarding processes around the world into the product, the number of documents required for participants to view has grown. In many cases there are documents shown that are not relevant to all suppliers; different languages, industries or risk.

From the SIM Settings page, hosts now have the option to hide this tab for all participants, reducing confusion on the supplier side. 

Simpler Event Based Host Permissions

There are many cases where you might want to issue permissions for just a single event for one of your team to view or edit. For procurement teams using long event names for tracking of sourcing projects it can be difficult to make sure you’re picking the right one.

We have now added the event ID when adding sourcing permissions to a user, so that the right event can be found quickly and easily.

For companies with the Display Setting ‘Make Event ID visible’ set to true, the ID will show against the event list and the Host Permissions screen 

Improved Reporting for Deactivated Users
Last year we added the functionality to deactivate users who have left the business or are no longer using the system for some reason.
Now we are making sure that all of their tool interactions will be reported on by storing their Host Groups at the point they are deactivated, meaning your reports will be configured correctly without having to make any changes.

Other Changes

  • Questionnaires can be archived in SIM Dojo before the participant has completed onboarding

  • More than 2 questionnaires in Market Dojo can now have blank deadlines

  • Superhosts can delete Quick Quotes events for tidying up data

  • Improved the language selection to clearly show the full list of regions available