New Release - May 2021

New Release - May 2021

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We’re almost at the mid-point of the year, and it has flown by so far, buthere’s still plenty we have planned for 2021; from major long-term features, to quick fixes.
We’re delighted that we’ve been able to provide changes every two weeks that our users have asked for so far this year and in May this has included:

Orderable Custom Fields

Requirements are constantly changing for procurement teams, and their systems need to be able to react to this. We pride ourselves on having very flexible tools to fit every sourcing need and that has extended by allowing users to re-order their custom fields at any time.

Within SIM & Contract Dojo, the custom fields created by admins can be dragged and dropped into the correct order. Meaning your new pressing requirement can be given top billing across the system.

New Permissions for Settings

We know it is important to tailor your team’s access so that everyone is only seeing what they need to see. Preventing any confusion and limiting the chance for any mistakes to be made.

With that in mind we added distinct permissions for settings within Contract Dojo and SRM Dojo. Procurement teams can be safe in the knowledge that configurations cannot be updated by those who need to review data.

SIM Alphabetisation

With supply chains growing all of the time, it can be difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. One simple thing we have introduced is sorting on the SIM Dojo participant summary that allows you to find suppliers in alphabetical order.

Whilst we were doing that, we also sought to improve the internal team member selection lists, implementing this same alphabetical ordering to help you find who you need quickly.

Displaying Full Lot Names

For a lot of our users, lot names are used to display a great deal of information, be that for suppliers, or for internal referencing.

We’ve done our best to show this full value in all locations within Market Dojo; for RFQs and auctions, to make sure it is clear for everyone involved what is being bid upon.

Other Changes
  • Pop-up to prompt submission after completing MD questionnaires

  • Deleted MD events will no longer show in Per Angusta

  • More detail in emails for rejected lots and expired documents

  • Emails from SIM Dojo all now refer to a participant team instead of individuals

  • The SIM Participant Summary download follows UI filtering

  • The performance of the recycle bin in SIM Dojo has been significantly improved

  • When cloning events, the name is no longer reduced in length

  • Indicator in Host Permissions to show who is the Superhost