New Release - November 2020

New Release - November 2020

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Approaching the end of a difficult 2020, we’re happy to say that in spite of the challenges faced, we’ve been able to significantly improve all of our products over the past 11 months. 

And as we make the final push towards the new year we’ll be taking the time to look at some of the stand out features released as part of a webinar including a look to our plans for 2021.

Reviewing and Updating the SIM Dashboard Graphics

We took the time this month to conduct a full review of the SIM dashboard to ensure that hosts were being shown the most useful information after logging in.

Many changes followed, making sure to remove the impact of rejected and on hold suppliers upon progress metrics, and adding in a number of key indicators on the detailed graphic for each section; to help identify the next actions to be taken.

We then also went a step beyond and updated a number of drop-downs on the SIM Participant Summary filter, to make it easier to understand.

For instance we expanded out the options on the accepted invite column to distinguish those participants who rejected the invitation and those who are yet to respond.

Auto-Selected Questionnaire Indicator

When using tagging to auto-select a questionnaire for a participant in SIM Dojo, it was not always clear when looking at the record, which of the questionnaires this applied to.

We have made this clear and obvious by adding a label alongside the entry, with the drop-down options hidden until the relevant tags are removed.

Improvements to the New Event Pop-Up
To make it easier to create a new event within Market Dojo and Quick Quotes, we have consolidated lots of different options into a single event creation window.
From the new pop-up that appears when pressing the New Event button, you can create an event from scratch, implement an existing template, or clone an event from live or the sandpit.

Other Changes

  • When attempting to add a new participant in SIM Dojo, the system will warn you if this email is a lead contact on another participant

  • Market Dojo event titles can now be up to 100 characters

  • We fixed issues with the SIM report download total scores

  • The Contract Dojo list view was improved to prevent overlapping information

  • All host users will be granted permission to amend their own events by default