New Release - November 2021

New Release - November 2021

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2021 is drawing to a close, and we look back on this year proud of the things we have been able to deliver. We have maintained our commitment to releasing customer requested enhancements every two weeks, and we’re committing to it again for 2022.
So as the holiday season rolls around, here are some of the early presents we have sent out in the last couple of months.

Auction Info for Suppliers within Market Dojo

We know it can be difficult to engage your suppliers when moving away from the typical email and phone call systems they are used to, particularly so when seeking to use auctions. 

We continue to seek ways to make the process as simple to understand as possible; with clean UI, live chat availability and usage guides.

Recently we have added more information about auctions within the tool. Where your sourcing event is progressing to auction, suppliers will now see a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect when the bidding starts, and how to compete. Be that auction, a forward Japanese, reverse Ranked or anything in between.

Document Reapproval Responsibility within SIM Dojo

For many teams it can be tricky to get everyone pulling in the same direction from the wider team; within SIM Dojo this could be for scoring, approvals or making decisions on suppliers. 

We want to make it easier to understand where the responsibilities lie within your onboarding process and so the Document Reapproval Needed widget has been updated.

For each expired document, in a single location, you can now see the supplier name, the documents, and the next step with associated responsibility. If desired, you can also switch straight to completing the decision without re-scoring and re-approval.

Example Sandpit Events within Market Dojo

Whether you are new to Market Dojo, or looking to make the jump to auctions for the first time, it is nice to know where to start. 

We now offer an example auction within the sandpit, where questionnaire responses and qualification bids have been completed, and once the auction starts the participant users will automatically bid.

New users who have highlighted an interest in auctions will be placed straight into the event, or you can trigger one any time from the New Event button.

This will allow you to see what your real event might look like and to understand the impact different settings will have. You can even jump in as participant 3 to see what your suppliers will see.

Other Changes
  • All users of SIM dojo have been moved over to a faster version of the actions tab
  • Times have been added to the submission dates for questionnaires and documents throughout SIM & MD
  • Participants can be moved more easily from sourcing events where mistakes have been made