New Release - October 2020

New Release - October 2020

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Entering winter, the Market Dojo development team is still working hard (from home) to add features to all of our tools that have been requested by our users.

We are proud to say that we have a section of our team dedicated to responding to user queries each month, making quick changes that make daily tasks more manageable.  If there is something you would like to see developed, please let us know via our support team or your account manager.

Deleting Scoring in SIM Dojo

Last month we added the functionality within Market Dojo to remove scores that have been incorrectly assigned. This month we have been able to roll this out to SIM Dojo as well, meaning that users can come back to questions at a later date should they accidentally place a score against it.

Removing SIM Dojo Escalations

For escalations, we have added functionality to remove mistakenly escalated approvals, meaning that both mistakes and changes in circumstance can be more easily handled. Within the edit escalations pop-up, there will always now be an option for ‘No Escalation’ which can be selected on such occasions.

Simplified Quick Quote Document Upload
Throughout the system we are trying to reduce the number of clicks it takes to perform daily tasks. From this month, to upload documents in Quick Quotes; just click on the upload box, pick your documents, and they are saved to the event. Along with the availability of the document library within Quick Quotes, it’s quicker than ever to set up your event.

Other Changes

  • Where SIM Questionnaires are archived, the document status will now ignore that questionnaire’s document uploads

  • The bid deletion functionality can now be removed from all users but the superhost, if this is something you are interested in, please contact our support team to activate it for you