New Release - September 2020

New Release - September 2020

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As we leave the summer behind and start the run-in towards the end of a challenging 2020, the Market Dojo team have continued to focus on releasing new features, across all of our products, that will make life a little bit easier for our users.

September also saw the start of the new financial year here, and we are very excited for the new projects we’re to embark upon over the next twelve months.

Deleting Scoring in Sourcing Events

It has previously not been possible to remove scores once they have been provided within Market Dojo events. In instances where a score has mistakenly been entered and a new score is not ready to be provided, users can now click to reset the score against the question

Multi-Stage RFQ Participant Flexibility

We have added two new features to our Multi-Stage RFQ functionality within Market Dojo to make the events more flexible to changes in participants.

Showing all Bids
Whether a participant has been dropped from the event between rounds or not, Market Dojo will now show their bids both on the individual round view, and the best overall bids tab. Meaning that in cases where a participant is not required to submit a new bid, but should still be considered, their bids can be directly compared to bids from non-dropped participants.

Re-adding Dropped Participants
In a similar vein, if a participant does not need to complete a bid within a round and is therefore dropped, they can now be re-added easily when creating a new round of RFQ.

On Hold Always Available in SIM Dojo
Previously in order to place a participant ‘On Hold’ within SIM Dojo, they must first go through all stages of the onboarding process, however this was quite restrictive. As of the most recent release, SIM Dojo hosts will see the ‘On Hold’ option against all participants, regardless of how far they have progressed through onboarding.

If the participant does then need to be considered again in the future, the host must click on ‘Resume Onboarding’, at which point they will return to their previous status.

Multiple Categories Against a Contract

In some cases a contract within Contract Dojo falls into two different categories; whilst previously users have been forced to choose between one or the other, now as many categories as desired can be selected from the tree.

Other Changes

  • In Sealed Bid events, selected users can be granted access to delete bids, contact our support team to know more

  • The availability of Multi-Stage RFQs is now shown when selecting the type of lot within the event