New Release - September 2021

New Release - September 2021

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As winter approaches us, we’ve been keeping ourselves warm by adding new, exciting features to the Market Dojo suite of modules.
We’re looking to end 2021 with a bang; with some big projects coming to an end and continuing our dedication to requested improvements every release. If there is something you would like to see, please get in touch!

Currency Selection within Quick Quotes

More and more of our users are sourcing around the world and it is therefore essential that the requirements for your project are as specific as possible. We also know that teams are sourcing for multiple countries, and having flexibility is more important than ever.

This month, to support this, we have added a currency selector to our tail-spend sourcing tool Quick Quotes. When choosing to gather prices, users will see an additional option for selecting a currency code; by default this will be the same as the one on the user’s profile. This can be updated up until the first bid has been received.

Quick Quotes Answer Download

Procurement teams devote a lot of time to ensuring their participants have a thorough understanding of their sourcing processes. We want to help with this wherever we can, and targeted some key areas following feedback from participant users.

One of these is what to show once the participant has completed the questionnaire. Where previously we would show a message upon submission, we have now added a further pop-up if the user returns to the questionnaire in future. This will provide peace of mind that they have done everything correctly, and direct them to the correct location if they have any questions.

Other Changes
  • The notes section within Contract Dojo has been updated to display more information.
  • Expired document email reminders from SIM Dojo have an improved UI to direct participants to the right place.
  • Market Dojo sourcing events can be edited post-completion.
  • Currency settings within Market Dojo have been moved to the RFQ/auction sections to which they are relevant.
  • The sealed results setting in Market Dojo has been hidden by default, it can be revealed by turning on the corresponding sourcing setting.