Create a Power BI Report

Create a Power BI Report

Power BI can be used to report on data extracted from Market Dojo. Currently questionnaire answers and events are supported.


  1. Login to Market Dojo

  2. Goto your profile page, make a note of your E-mail and Market Dojo API Key

  3. Go to  

  4. Search for ‘reports’ to find the reports section.

  5. Choose which report you wish to use (either questionnaire or events).

  6. If you are using the questionnaire report, you will need to find the questionnaire ID. This can be found by visiting the questionnaire in Market Dojo and examining the URL. The id will the number shown in place of xxx in the following url:

  7. [OPTIONAL] the documentation page can be used to try the api. Note that if you try the api on this page, you will not require the email and api key as you are already logged in.

  8. Make a note of the url for the report you wish to create. Either:
    Or (replace XXX with your questionnaire ID)

  9. With the details noted in points 2 and 8, you can now build your report

  10. Switch to Power BI

  11. Create a new report, Click ‘Get Data’ Choose ‘Web’ as the source.

  12. Choose the ‘Advanced’ option, enter the url noted in point 8 above, then add the email and api key as extra parts (note the ?email=  and &api_key= text) as shown in the screenshot below.

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