How to configure integration with Per Angusta

How to configure integration with Per Angusta

If you use both Market Dojo and Per Angusta, you can enable integration between the two systems.

What this allows you to

- move from one to the other without signing in again

- create Market Dojo events from inside Per Angusta

- report savings from Market Dojo events back to Per Angusta

To enable integration

If you need help with the steps below, please contact the Market Dojo support team.

Enable the Integration

  1. Login to Market Dojo as the SuperHost of the company you wish to turn integrations on for.

  2. Go to the Admin > Company Integration page

  3. Turn on the ‘Enable Market Dojo API’ tick box

  1. Click the ‘+ Per Angusta’ button

  2. On the popup, enter your Per Angusta url. This will usually be of the format:

  3. Save the change.

Setting up the menu links

If you want links to Per Angusta to appear in your top menu, then please contact the Market Dojo support team.

Configuring for each User

Each user will need to setup the integration on their profile.
  1. Login to Market Dojo.

  2. Go to the User Profile page (by clicking on your name in the top right corner and choosing 'Profile')

  3. Scroll down, and find the option to Generate an API key. Make a note of API key

  4. Fill in the API key on your Per Angusta user profile and

  5. Note your Per Angusta API key.

  6. Go back to Market Dojo.

  7. On your Profile page, where you first got the Market Dojo API, ‘Add an Integration’. 

  8. Select ‘Per Angusta’.  Then paste your Per Angusta API key plus your email address . 

  9. There is no Save button, but you can save the Profile changes at the bottom.

Next Steps

Check the integration works correctly.

  • Move between systems using the menu links.

  • Create new Market Dojo events from Per Angusta

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