How to configure SSO integration using SAML

How to configure SSO integration using SAML

How to configure SSO integration using SAML


We are pleased to announce that you can integrate Market Dojo with SAML. SAML (Security Access Markup Language) is widely used to provide Single Sign On across different applications. 

What does SAML do?

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard that allows identity providers (for example Okta, or Ping Identity) to pass authorisation credentials to service providers like Market Dojo.

By integrating with SAML, users can sign on to Market Dojo using their existing credentials. It helps IT teams to manage which users have access and is helpful when people join or leave their organisation.

The rest of this guide explains how to use SAML with Market Dojo.

Configure the Identity Provider

In this example we will use Ping Identity, but instructions will be similar for other solutions (e.g. Okta)

First of all, ensure that you have an administrator account with Ping

  1. Go to your company Ping Identity Portal

  2. Find the 'Connections'

  3. Click 'Add Application’, choose ‘Web App’ and then select the ‘SAML’ option

  4. Give the application a name, description and choose an icon.

  5. On the next page, choose the option to import metadata, import from URL. Enter the url as follows:-
    For example:-


  7. Fill out the field TARGET APPLICATION URL as follows:
    For example:-

  8. Click Save and Continue

  9. On the next page, it is not necessary to map additional fields

  10. Save

  11. Toggle the option to enable the new application

  12. Go to the Configuration tab of the Application and make a note of
    - IDP Metadata url

Configure Market Dojo

  • Login to your Market Dojo account 

  • Go to the Admin>Integrations page

  • Click +SAML, and enter the settings you noted in the previous step

    • IDP Metadata url is entered into URL
      (note that either URL or XML Configuration File are entered. If you are using the XML file this should be the full text contents of the file, not a link to it.)

  • Ensure that you enable SAML as a permitted option for sign-in


Test this integration

  • Logout of Market Dojo

  • Go to the login page (be sure to use your white label domain)

  • You should see an option ‘Sign in with SAML, click it

  • If everything is configured correctly, you will be logged in

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