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            Can two people user the same login

            It is possible for two people to review the auction with the same user details, however it is not recommended. The system is not designed to work this way, and some features may not work correctly. For example, if one user places a bid or send a message, the other user may not immediately see this on their screen.

            For this reason, we do not recommend that two users login with the same details.

            For Hosts
            It is possible to add additional users, who either have Edit or View permissions on the event. This can be done from the Host Permissions area in the Admin menu. Contact your Superhost if you do not have access.

            For Participants
            if you want to make the screen available to several people, we recommend that you use a screen sharing solution such as WebEx or

            Updated: 26 Nov 2015 02:01 AM
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