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            I am a supplier, I have received an invite but I cannot get access to the event

             There are two ways to gain access to an event.
            1) If you received a specific invitation e-mail, usually with the subject line like “New supply opportunity for....”, then in that e-mail is an activation link that takes you to the sign up page, where you can complete your details.  After that you will be taken into the software and will see the invitation (no need for the invite code).
            2) If you don’t have that e-mail at hand, you can sign up with Market Dojo here:  Please sign up as a ‘Participant’, which you select just above the big ‘Send out Activation e-mail’ button. 
            Once signed up, you can log in, and within the ‘Event Invitations’ widget you will see a button with ‘enter invite code’.  This takes you to the Invitations page where you can enter the Invite Code to bring up the invitation, which you can accept if you would like to participate.
            Please note:  If you follow Option 2 and try to sign up with the same e-mail address that was used to invite you, the software may tell you to reset your password instead.  There will be a link provided where you can do this, after which you’ll be given the password reset and can log into the software, click on the ‘enter invite code’ button etc.
            Updated: 17 Oct 2017 06:59 AM
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